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Now 100% native SalesForce

Closed Loop Feedback directly in SalesForce CRM. Account view is enriched with realtime customer feedback. Provides up- and cross sell opportunities. Manage churn and customer loyalty.

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Realtime and Plug & Play

Continuously measuring customer experience based on Net PromoterĀ® Score. Reports are available in realtime on a desktop and all mobile devices (notebook, tablet, phone). It only takes 2 minutes to answer the intelligent and ultra short questionnaire. The most common questionnaires are directly available, and adaptable to your personal preferences.

Actionable feedback

Your employees receive follow up e-mails to trigger action towards customers who have stated they would not recommend you. These recovery actions are submitted and tracked in the GrowPromoter portal. Due to a very intuitive interface no further instructions are needed.

Affordable full service tool

You can try our software 4 weeks for free. Our solution is entirely cloud based, therefore no investments in hardware or software upgrades are required. No long implementation projects, but a directly available solution.

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